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What is the CMYK value of kraft paper tape

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About the kraft paper tape manufacturer, how much is the kraft paper CMYK? I believe many people are also interested in this, at least many printing factories need to know more about it.
First of all, we want to tell you what CMYK stands for.
C here we mean 26, m for 37, y for 53 and K for 0. Of course, this is just a general idea. There is no standard for specific values.
So we can only explain what is the close value. If it is beyond the color range of CMYK expression, then these colors can only be replaced by similar colors.
What we suggest here is that RGB mode is generally used for image color mode, because the color of this mode is richer, brighter and the picture is more beautiful. In general, the CMYK value of kraft paper is: C: 26 M: 37 Y: 53 K: 0. The CMYK value of light kraft paper is: C: 13 m: 22 Y: 33 K: 0.

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