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Printing difference between white kraft paper tape&kraft paper tape

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ECO friendl kraft paper tape manufacturer introduced that there are certain differences between kraft paper tape and white kraft paper in the production process, which is characterized by the paper surface treatment, so there must be certain differences in the printing process. Today we share this topic. What's the difference between kraft paper tape and white kraft paper and printing?
1. Generally speaking, there are many suitable color systems for white kraft paper printing, including four-color printing and two-color printing. However, yellow kraft paper tape is rarely printed in four-color, and most of them are printed in single color or two-color. When choosing kraft paper, we should first consider the factors of printing.
2. The difference between full page printing. Because the surface treatment of white kraft paper and kraft paper tape is different, the surface of white kraft paper after printing is relatively smooth, and the color brightness is higher, while that of yellow kraft paper is the opposite. Generally, in full-size printing, kraft paper tape is not used, while white kraft paper is relatively suitable, of course, in terms of price, white kraft paper is also relatively high. Of course, it also depends on its own requirements. If the requirements are not high, cattle hide can also be used for full-scale printing, but it will be darker in color.
3. Because the paper surface treatment is different, usually white kraft paper printing ink is relatively difficult to dry, or it is better to use UV printing.

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