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Specification, weight&application of writable kraft paper tape!

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writable kraft paper tape manufacture introduced that White kraft paper is generally produced from all wood pulp, and the base paper is produced in reels. The common specifications are 787 / 889 / 1092 / 1194mm and other roll width. In order to meet the packaging requirements, it can be cut into flat sheets, such as 787 * 1092mm, 889 * 1194mm. The gram weight of white kraft paper is calculated by every square meter, that is to say, the gram weight of every square meter is called as the gram weight. For example, the weight of a piece of 1 * 1 meter white kraft paper is 80g, so we call this kind of kraft paper 80g white kraft paper.
The common weight of white kraft paper is 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g, 150g white kraft paper, and 220g, 230g white kraft paper. White kraft paper is divided into original white kraft paper (also known as this white kraft paper), plain white kraft paper, high white kraft paper, extra white kraft paper and snow white kraft paper. There is also a single smooth single light white kraft paper, double-sided matte called double light white kraft paper. Due to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer, the price of white kraft paper produced by different manufacturers is also very different. The price of imported white kraft paper is also very different from that of domestic white kraft paper. The price unit of kraft paper is generally based on tons, and the price unit of small one is based on orders (500 sheets) and sheets.
White kraft paper is mainly used to make paper bags, handbags, food packaging, composite bags, films, packaging boxes, medium and high-grade color boxes and handicraft boxes.
The low gram weight single light white kraft paper operated by our company, weighing 24-150g, is made of 100% pure wood pulp, with smooth surface, bright white color, no mottled color, good printing effect, good ink absorption performance, no shedding of hair and powder. Through SGS detection, it can be used as food packaging, healthy and environmental protection. It is used for food packaging, cake paper holder, paper straw, paper stick, cotton swab paper shaft, etc.

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