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What's raw material composition of kraft paper tape?

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that the common paper consists of plant fiber, filler, rubber and color. Plant fiber is the main body of paper, which mainly refers to cellulose and hemicellulose. It is extracted from wood or non wood plants by means of chemical, mechanical or chemical and mechanical separation.
Because the plant fiber is long and thin, if only by the plant fiber interlaced together, it will present some gap and appearance of uneven. The function of filling material is to fill the gap between the fibers, so that the paper surface is flat and even, at the same time, it can reduce the expansion of the paper, reduce the transparency and increase the whiteness of the paper. However, the strength of the paper is reduced by the filling material, and the excessive content of the paper is easy to show the phenomenon of powder and hair falling.
Because the fiber is hydrophilic material, plus the absorption of pores between the fibers, the paper has too strong hydrophilicity, which is easy to deform and appear ink bloating phenomenon due to excessive water absorption in the printing process. The main function of the rubber is to give the paper the proper ability to resist liquid penetration and diffusion.
Most of the plant fiber is positive color, the function of the pigment is to correct and change the color of the paper to white or other required specific color.
Single copper paper has bright appearance, average coating, fast ink absorption, good printability, suitable for fine color printing. For the purpose of fine printing, the surface of the base paper is processed by coating, and the surface of the base paper is calendered by a super calender.
Double copper paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided coated copper plate paper. According to the Japanese paper industry classification standard, the coating capacity of each side is more than 10g / m2, which is one of the most commonly used paper types in cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding, and industry and commerce.
There are two kinds of raw materials for papermaking: plant fiber and non plant fiber (inorganic fiber, chemical fiber and metal fiber).
At present, the main raw material of paper-making in the world is plant fiber. Coniferous or broad-leaved wood used in some economically prosperous countries accounts for more than 95% of the total amount of wood.
There are many kinds of plant fiber raw materials used in China, which are divided into six categories:
One is coniferous wood, such as larch, Korean pine, masson pine, Yunnan pine, camphor pine, etc;
Second, hardwood wood, such as poplar, birch, eucalyptus, etc;
The third is grass plants, such as reed, bamboo, awn stalk, wheat straw, straw, asparagus, sorghum stalk, bagasse, etc;
Fourth, bast fibers, such as flax, jute, hemp, sandalwood bark, mulberry skin, cotton stalk skin, etc;
Five is a kind of wool fiber, such as cotton, cotton linter, cotton rags;

Sixthly, waste paper and fiber are classified as first-class waste paper (white paper edge and broken paper selected from factories or relevant units without printing), second-class waste paper (printed waste books and periodicals, newspapers), third-class waste paper (all waste paper, old paper boards and broken cartons except the above two), etc.

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