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Advantages&disadvantages of ECO friendly recycled kraft paper

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ECO friendly kraft paper manufacturers introduced that we often say kraft paper is environmental protection packaging paper.
One is that kraft paper can be recycled and reused, and the other is that part of kraft paper is made of waste pulp, which belongs to renewable environmental protection kraft paper.

The main difference between recycled kraft paper and common kraft paper lies in the original data.
Recycled kraft paper uses waste pulp, while ordinary kraft paper uses raw wood pulp.
Because recycled kraft paper uses waste pulp, and recycled pulp often contains a lot of impurities, so the physical properties and quality of recycled kraft paper is slightly weaker than the original wood kraft paper. Some recycled kraft paper will show the phenomenon of hair and powder loss when printing.
Therefore, in the market, kraft paper with all wood pulp is usually used for the high requirements of packaging performance and safety and sanitation, while recycled kraft paper is used for the ordinary packaging paper.
However, from the point of view of environmental protection, recycled kraft paper will reuse the waste pulp, which is extremely

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