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How to choose high quality Eco friendly writable kraft paper?

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ECO friendly Writable kraft paper tape manufactures introduces kraft paper tape as packaging material. It's very strong. It is brown yellow and widely used in modern industrial production. Kraft softwood pulp is used as raw material, which is beaten and made on a long wire machine.
Kraft paper tape packaging materials with environmental protection, recycling, cost saving and other characteristics, more and more favored by the majority of consumers, demand is also increasing. So, how to choose high quality kraft paper tape?
1、 Through the appearance: first of all, pay attention to the appearance, check whether the kraft paper tape has hair loss phenomenon, the quality can be seen by a little observation, there is also the kraft paper tape in the sun or strong light, let the light pass through the kraft paper tape, if there are no mottled spots, lines and pieces, it indicates that the weight of kraft paper tape is uniform and basically qualified.
2、 Touch: the surface and roughness of different kinds of kraft paper tape are also different. Gently touch the kraft paper tape with your hand to feel its smoothness. Compare it with the previous samples to see if there are any differences, and pay attention to check whether there are needle hole stripes on the paper surface.
3、 Through the instrument test: use the instrument to test the folding resistance and gram weight of kraft paper tape. For example, take several pieces of kraft paper tape and fold it for three to five times to observe whether there are obvious cracks. Use calipers to measure the weight of kraft paper tape. If all the above standards are met, kraft paper tape has reached the standard.

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