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ECO friendly writable kraft paper tape coating knowledge!

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Introduction to the manufacturers of Eco friendly writable kraft paper tape,
1. Why do you want to carry out kraft paper surface coating processing?
After calendering of base paper, the surface fiber of kraft paper is no longer loosely arranged, but has a certain degree of tightness, but the surface smoothness still can not meet the requirements of high-grade fine printing.
The surface uniformity of uncoated paper is poor, the ink color after printing is uneven, and the glossiness is low. It can not restore the fine dots, resulting in the loss of layers and the decline of the uniformity of the field part of the image. Therefore, the fine printing paper must be coated to further improve the surface performance of the paper.
2. What is the purpose of coating processing?
The purpose of coating process is to cover the surface of plain paper with large pores and uneven fibers with a layer of fine particles, which has good ink absorption, so as to obtain a paper surface with good uniformity and smoothness.
Through coating can also improve the glossiness of paper, improve the stability and opacity of paper, these characteristics are increased with the increase of coating amount.
3. How to classify coating process?
According to the relationship between coating machine and paper machine, coating operation can be divided into in machine type and outside machine type. According to coating times, it can be divided into single-layer coating and double-layer coating. In machine coating is equipped with a coating machine on the paper machine to make paper and coating continuous. The paper with double-layer coating has better printability than that with single-layer coating, which can improve the quality of coated paper. There are three kinds of coater used in coating operation: roller coater, air knife coater and scraper coater.
4. What is the surface calendering effect of coated paper?
After coating, there are a lot of tiny uneven places on the surface of base paper, which can not meet the requirements of smoothness and gloss.
Therefore, surface calendering must be carried out. The most commonly used calendering method is super calendering.
The super calender is composed of several metal rollers and paper pulp rollers. The glossiness of the paper is produced by the pressure and friction force when the paper passes between the rollers. Matte coated paper does not need super calendering, or only a slight calendering.
5. What are the requirements of coated paper for base paper?
The quality of kraft base paper has a very important impact on the coated paper. If the quality is not well controlled, the performance of coated paper will be affected.
In terms of kraft base paper pulp, kraft pulp is mostly used for copper plate base paper, of which 70% is hardwood pulp and the rest is softwood pulp. For low weight, high-quality coated base paper, the amount of softwood oars should be higher.
In terms of strength, copper coated kraft paper base paper should have higher tensile strength and surface strength. In addition to changing the composition of kraft paper pulp, measures such as improving beating degree and surface sizing should be adopted to improve the strength of base paper.
The surface of kraft paper is too rough to be smooth.
In addition, the absorption of kraft base paper should be moderate, and the uniformity is good. The so-called homogeneity refers to the uniformity of the kraft paper base paper in terms of the quantity, thickness, moisture, fiber structure, smoothness, etc.
6. What are the types of coated paper?
Printing coatings can be generally divided into ordinary coated paper and special coated paper. Common coated paper is coated on the surface of base paper by common coating method, then calendered after drying, and finally cut or rewind into flat paper or web paper, such as coated paper, matte paper, light weight coated kraft paper, etc.; special coated paper refers to printing coated paper made by special coating or special processing methods, such as cast coated paper (cellophane), embossed paper and Matte coated paper, etc.
1. Double coating, excellent printing effect of white card
2. It has high bursting strength, folding resistance and stiffness
3. 100% original wood pulp, meeting the food grade standard
4. The cost is lower, and 200g / m2 can replace 250-300g / m2 white board, white board and white card
5. Good water absorption and moisture resistance

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